In deze rubriek vindt u zowel publicaties van de Belgische Petroleum Federatie als van externe organisaties die van belang zijn in verschillende domeinen zoals klimaat, energie, industrie, brandstoffen van de toekomst, economisch belang van de sector, enz..


Real Driving Emissions of Euro6 Diesel Passanger Cars and their Impact on Uban Air Quality

Study from research centre Concawe. Concawe commissioned two studies in 2017 to determine the expected emissions from the latest Euro 6 diesel passenger cars (including Euro 6d certified since September 2017) under the new testing methodology and to understand how the emissions from these new diesel cars would impact ambient air quality compliance when compared with zero emission vehicles (ZEV).

A Comparison of mass electric vehicles adoption and low-carbon intensity fuels

Studie van Ricardo die een vergelijking maakt van de daling van de CO2 emissies waarbij 2 scenario's worden vergeleken: één met een volledige elektrificatie van de personenwagens en één met low-carbon vloeibare brandstoffen.

A Pathway for the evolution of the refining industry and liquid fuels

The global demand for liquid hydrocarbons – as fuels for transport, as petrochemical feedstock and for other uses – is expected to increase until at least 2040. These products have an unrivalled energy density and are easy to transport, making them an ideal means to carry and store energy. While alternatives are being developed for some of their current uses (e.g. in passenger cars, where electrification is expected to play a major role), liquid hydrocarbons remain difficult to replace in heavy-duty and  marine transport, in aviation and as a feedstock for the petrochemical industry.